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This Association shall be called the Three Rivers Paddling Club.


The purpose of this Association shall be to unite persons interested in paddling and thereby through our organization promote interest and fellowship in canoeing, kayaking activities, and provide informational, educational and training services to increase the safety, enjoyment, and skills of those paddling.

Specifically, the major Purposes of this Association shall be:

Promotion of water safety and improvement of paddling skills by providing organized instruction in basic and whitewater paddling techniques; organizing river exploration and trips; providing seminars in river safety, rescue, and first aid; disseminating information on river conditions and river safety to the general public; cooperating with public and private agencies.

Provision and exchange of information of interest to paddlers such as river guides, trip reports, water level marking systems, river exploration, and equipment ideas and designs.

Promotion of the preservation and conservation of wilderness and natural water conditions and their use for human powered craft through support and cooperation with local and national conservation programs and activities.

Promotion of paddling as a competitive sport through sponsorship and co-sponsorship of races and other competitive events and by offering organized training classes in competitive skills.

ARTICLE III - Membership

Membership in this Association shall be open to any person who subscribes to the Purpose of this Association, who applies in writing, and upon payment of dues. The Association will publish a roster that is available to active members on its website in a restricted section requiring a username and password to access. All members- shall-be-listed in this roster unless they request in writing not to be listed.

ARTICLE IV - Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall consist of the Officers of the Association and Chairpersons of Standing Committees. Board Directors shall determine policies, nominate a slate of officers, and function in any other manner deemed advisable by the Chairperson of the Association. Board meetings shall be called by the Chairperson when needed, or when at least two Board members request such a meeting. A quorum for all Board of Director's meetings shall be no less than three Board members.

ARTICLE V - Officers

Section 1, Officers to be Elected - The elected Officers of the Association shall consist of a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, who shall serve for two calendar years. No officer may serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.

Section 2, Nomination - The Board of Directors shall submit a slate of candidates for office at the September membership meeting. The proposed slate shall be made available to all members before the November meeting. Additional nominations for office may be made from the floor at the September, October, and November meetings.

Section 3, Election - The Officers of the Association shall be elected at the November meeting by a simple majority vote of those members present. In the case of no candidate receiving a simple majority, the candidate with the least number of votes shall be eliminated. In the event of vacancies between elections, the Chairperson shall fill such vacancies by appointment. If the Chairperson vacates, the Board of Directors will appoint a new Chairperson.

Section 4, Chairperson - The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings, appoint and remove ad hoc committees, direct the activities of the Association, and act as spokesperson for the Association.

Section 5, Vice-Chairperson - The Vice-Chairperson shall assist the Chairperson in conducting functions of the Association.

Section 6, Secretary - The Secretary shall maintain a written record of monthly meetings and Board of Directors meetings and shall circulate these records to the membership. The Secretary' shall also be responsible for correspondence relating to Club activities.

Section 7, Treasurer - The Treasurer shall receive all monies due the Association from every source, pay all proper bills out of funds at hand, and submit a financial report at each meeting.

Section 8, Removal of an Officer - Removal of any officer may be proposed by any member of the Association. The removal shall become effective when seconded and approved by a 2/3 majority of the members present at two consecutive meetings, at which a quorum is present, providing that written notification is served to all members at least two weeks prior to the second meeting.

ARTICLE VI - Committees

Standing committees may be appointed and dissolved as deemed necessary by the Officers of the Association to fulfill the purposes and functions of the Association. Appointment and dissolution of standing committees is subject to the approval of the membership at any monthly meeting. Standing committee chairpersons shall be appointed and removed by the Officers of the Association.

Ad hoc committees and their chairpersons shall be appointed and removed by the Chairperson of the organization as deemed necessary to fulfill the purposes and functions of the Association.

ARTICLE VII - Meetings

Meetings of the Association shall generally be held monthly with at least nine meetings each year. A quorum for all membership meetings shall be no less than twenty. Association business shall be conducted by the Board of Directors and members in attendance at any meeting whenever a quorum is not reached for any prior two consecutive meetings. Unless otherwise noted, approval votes at membership meetings shall be carried by simple majority of those members present.


Section 1, Salaries - This Association is a non-profit organization. No officer shall receive a salary, all services being rendered to the Association on a volunteer basis.

Section 2, Annual Budget - Before the start of each fiscal year, the Treasurer, with the help of the officers, shall prepare an annual budget for the Association for that fiscal year. This budget shall be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors. After Board approval, the budget shall be made available to the membership. Approval of the budget, or any portion of that budget, at any monthly meeting authorizes the Board to expend Association funds as specified in all approved portions of that budget.

Section 3, Expenditure of Funds - Association funds beyond those specified in the annual budget, may only be expended as follows:

For any amount of $500.00 or less, funds may be expended when the majority of Board Directors authorizes payment of reasonable compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred in achieving the goals of the Association. Notice of such expenditures shall be circulated to the membership.

For any amount greater than $500.00, a majority of the Board Directors must recommend the expenditure, then circulate that recommendation to the membership at least one month prior to the monthly meeting at which that recommendation shall be put to a vote. Approval of the recommendation at any monthly meeting authorizes the Board to expend Association funds as specified in that recommendation.

Section 4, Annual Audit - Treasurer shall compose periodic financial reports. Members shall be notified of such reports and the reports shall be available for member inspection.

Section 5, Dues - Dues shall be charged in order to assist in defraying the expenses of the Association as recommended by the Board of Directors and approved at any monthly meeting.

ARTICLE IX – Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the Association shall begin on January 1 and end the following December 31.

ARTICLE X -Amendments

Proposed amendments to the Constitution may be submitted by any member of the Association. Proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing to the Chairperson and shall be circulated to the membership one month prior to the meeting at which the proposed amendment shall be put to a vote. The proposed amendment shall become effective when seconded and approved by a 2/3 majority .of those members present at a meeting.


Dissolution - In the event of the dissolution of this organization, all assets of the Association shall be distributed to such charitable, non-profit organizations as may be selected by the Board of Directors in order that the assets then owned by the organization shall be devoted to the Purpose set forth herein or as closely allied thereto as is possible. In no way shall any of the assets of the Association or the proceeds of any of the a sets, in the event of dissolution, go or be distributed to members, either for the reimbursement of any sums subscribed, donated, or contributed by such members, or for any other such purpose.

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