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August 3rd and 4th, 2024

Deadline for clinic registration is Wednesday, July 24th.

NOTE: This year we will be camping at Tall Oaks Campground, see camping information below.

Continue improving your skills on the river with us at the Turkey Bash.  There are opportunities for beginner, practiced beginner, intermediate and youth paddlers during this two day clinic in August.  This is also a great opportunity for advanced paddlers to help out by instructing, assisting, or safety boating to build a great community of paddlers.

The clinic’s philosophy is to teach paddlers on water where they feel totally comfortable, with progression to more difficult skills and water after mastery of basic skills has been demonstrated.

Rivers used for the Turkey Bash in the past have been the Middle and Lower Yough, Casselman, Cheat Narrows and even Cheat Canyon.

Adult Clinic

The adult clinic is offered to all adults 18 year old and older.  Use the button below register online for the Turkey Bash.  Children 16 years old or older may also participate in the adult clinic as well.

Youth Clinic

The Youth clinic will be offered for children who are at least six years old. It runs concurrently with the adult clinic. Children 16 years old or older may participate in the adult Turkey Bash clinic.


You need to do three things to be completely registered for the 2024 Turkey Bash. If you do not do all three things for each participant, the registration for those participants will be cancelled and your money will be refunded.

1) A ticket must be purchased for each participant. There can be multiple tickets purchased at a time. Please indicate all participants when purchasing tickets. Use the button below to purchase tickets.

2) A skills survey must be filled out for each participant. Use the appropriate link below to fill out a skill survey.

3) An online ACA waiver must be submitted for each participant. Use the link below to submit a waiver.

Instructors, Assistants and Safety Boaters

If you are trying to sign up as an instructor, assistant instructor or safety boater please use the links below.  You must fill out:

If you require paper forms, please email us at

Saturday Dinner

Traditionally, there is a Saturday evening dinner beginning around 6:00p.m. at Tall Oaks Campground in pavilion 3 (see campground map).  We will be having a catered turkey dinner with all the fixings.  Join us for some good food, camaraderie and a little good natured ribbing.


Camping this year will be at Tall Oaks Campground in Farmington. We will be using pavilion 3, so most of our participants are going to want to reserve sites 50, 52, 53, 54 and seasonal sites S2-5 (see campground map, area circled in red). Pre-registration is required, so call Tall Oaks at 724-329-4777.

Campground Map

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