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Deadline for clinic registration is Monday, May 22nd.

June 3rd and 4th, 2023

The Slip Clinic is a great opportunity for beginners, practiced beginners, intermediates and youth to improve their paddling skills and techniques. It is also a great opportunity for more experienced paddlers to get involved by instructing, assisting, safety boating or just coming out for dinner and fun on Saturday night!

The clinic’s philosophy is to teach paddlers on water where they feel totally comfortable, with progression to more difficult skills and water after mastery of basic skills has been demonstrated.

Adult Clinic

The adult clinic is offered to all adults 18 year old and older.  Use the button below register online for the Slip Clinic.  Children 16 years old or older may also participate in the adult clinic as well.

Youth Clinic

The Youth clinic will be offered for children who are at least six years old. It runs concurrently with the adult clinic. Children 16 years old or older may participate in the adult SLIP CLINIC clinic.

Instructors, Assistants and Safety Boaters

If you are trying to sign up as an instructor, assistant instructor or safety boater please use the links below.  You must fill out:

If you require paper forms, please email us at

Saturday Dinner

Traditionally, there is a Saturday evening dinner beginning around 6:00p.m. at Breakneck Campground, which is located across the road from Betsy’s Barn. Accommodations can be made to have Vegetarian Lasagna on an as requested basis. Dinner was great last year and we expect the same this year. You can choose a ticket with dinner included and if you have family that would like to join there will be a charge of $25 per additional individual. Alcoholic beverages will not be available, but BYOB. Everyone is invited to come out for dinner, even if you’re not attending the SLIP CLINIC.


  • Pig Roast/ Veggie

  • Vegetarian Lasagna (as requested)

  • Cheese Potatoes

  • Green Bean casserole

  • Linguine Salad

  • Salad- Ranch & Italian dressing

  • Dessert

  • Cold drinks


Once again, the Cheesemans will be providing breakfast both Saturday and Sunday morning at the campground lodge. This has been a big hit since it began; you will get plenty to eat. It cannot get any more convenient than this!  Please bring cash, breakfast is not included with your registration to the clinic.


Camping this year will again be at Breakneck Campground located on Cheeseman Road. Breakneck Campground offers primitive camping, scenic decks, hillside huts, and rustic cabins.  Please contact them directly for pricing, mention the the 2023 Slip Clinic for discounted rates.

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